prototyping work

This is us

Gei is making the dye pattern which will be used for the production. Each and every imperfection is sculpted by our hands.

Free hand-modeling by Mimi

This is us

Time & softness all about her work. Where eternity and dead-lines clash. :))

Step by step

This is us

Step by step our work is going to more art and sculpture. "Useful art" this is not from us but we love this expression it tells everything.

this is our first foundry family.

This is us

This is where Miandgei passion for metal and sculpture have started.


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About Us

Working as a stylist for different fashion and interior design magazine in Paris, We decided to start a nomad life, a wander into beauty, object design, and craft in India. We decided to settle and create our bronze hardware brand. #usefulart. We have created Mi&Gei Limited Edition as an exclusive jewelry collection. To offer more choice to Interior designers, architects, builders, and detail addicts.

We aim at building something greater than us, as soon as we can ecology and nature preservation will be our final outcome. We are [THAT]. Om Shanti.