A door is a portal between an owner's equanimity and the hustle and bustle of the outside world. In a fairytale, what keeps a lead safe is when the door is locked. To serve the purpose of keeping your client's life aloof from the world, Mi&Gei has created created an exquisite range of door levers and stoppers.  Our doors will blend in with your designed home's interiors as jazz dancers agree with their steps to jazz music.

Door hardware is an essential part of improving accessibility and enables a swift entry and exit out of different rooms in a place. At Mi&Gei, we create passage and privacy door sets to facilitate privacy and safety. These door sets have unique designs that reflect the artistic and creative determination of our designers. We deliver high-quality hardware and accessories while also preserving their heritage and natural opulence. Our prodnd safetyucts bring about appreciation for the products which are usually overlooked by people.


Our vision is to introduce luxury and richness to the interiors of houses through creativity and rigorous research. Assembling hardware with unique designs and making it available worldwide is what we strive to achieve. We tend to add accessories to your designs that scintillate magnificence through their amalgamation with your designs.



Our range of door levers presents a wide variety of unique designs. These products consist of door levers, doorknobs, door hooks, and hotel door numbers. Our door levers are created by a team of diligent designers and workers who have an exceptional knack for creating hardware that is superior in its rarity and radiate flawlessness.

Our focus is quality, durability, and rarity. Our products are designed from materials that will stand out from any hardware supplier. We select from high-quality brass and bronze material and incorporate our designs into them. Our motto is to deliver safety in style. Our levers will stay in the homes designed by you for decades. It will be a poetic confluence of beauty and luxury.

Door levers that reflect the coalesce of dream-like delineation and stout caliber are the appropriate narration of our creations.



Door stoppers enable to limit, expand and stop the movement of a door. While designing a home, these sure are to be included in every door for the factor of convenience. Door stoppers, although a minute detail on the door, have an expansive impact on the combined impression and experience of a door.

A stopper should be designed in a way that prevents any damage to the trim board. These should also be captivating enough that people cannot help but admire its beauty.

World-class interior designers emphasize every detail. They make sure that no stone is left unturned while they aim to create a home that resonates with heaven-like structure.

Our stoppers are robust and won't budge easily when pivoted at one spot. If the owner is making rounds in and out of the door, these stoppers will facilitate that with ease.

Our designers and workers create the edifice of sheer gleam from melted metal.


A new era of door hardware combines the rustic and millennial essence of two coinciding eras. The interiors of the houses designed by you will stand out amongst the plethora of thousands of homes. Everyone can deliver a house, but only a few can make a home out of bricks and cement. Mi&Gei takes you one step closer to that goal.