WALL ACCESSORIES - Curtain Hardware| Tiebacks and Holders, Hooks, Hangers and Racks

Walls are the canvas of a home. Marble studded cobalt-laden walls always captivate the spectators visiting the place. Even more essential are the accessories that adorn these walls and make them whole. It should resonate with your designs and enhance the beauty resulting from your intellect creativity.

Walls are the support pillars of a house, and they are what provide privacy and safety from the outside. Every wall has its character and purpose. Therefore, the ethereal designs created through an unreal genesis of brick and cement should always be accompanied with unique paraphernalia for its beauty—our dainty range of curtain hardware, tiebacks and holdings, hooks, hangers, and racks.



Curtains are a vital component of a room, and far more essential is the hardware's quality, which holds these curtains together. An exquisite accessory takes birth through the amalgam of expert designers and unparalleled material and designs. These accessories include curtain tiebacks and holders. Control the movement of your elegant curtain with the help of sumptuous hardware.



 A curtain is a shroud of luxury which prevents unwanted objects and light from entering a place. However, one might want to enjoy the scenic beauty from time to time. Curtain tiebacks are designed for such a purpose. Me&Gei creates durable tieback with rich designs derived from the classic retro era. Holders of a drape should be robust to provide continued support for the curtains to stay intact. They should also reflect a good class that is on par with your interior designs. Ditch the plastic tiebacks and holders for these intricately designed brass and bronze hardware. These will compliment your walls and their strange looks.



Hooks, Racks, and Hangers are an essential accessory required on every wall. Hooks are for hanging hats, coats, and clothes. Owners of the house cannot leave everything lying around the lavish floors if they represent class and luxury through their home; the walls should be studded with high-quality hardware. Our hooks, hangars, and racks are a jewel for the walls. They are made with a design resembling no other in the market. Our designers deliver a message of surreal beauty even in the smallest accessories through these products. We use the resources of Earth, which do not harm its existence like plastic products. Our products will be a companion for your walls for years to come. Your interior and our products will create a perfect abode for someone to live in. Luxury is a factor we both tend to render to our clients. We want to be a catalyst for enhancing your business of interior designing.


These wall accessories are one of a kind, curated through extrinsic research and a process that preserves the high quality of products—created by people of vast experience in making products to accompany the beauty of the interiors all over the world. We aim to provide a poetic experience and grace in every little detail of our products.