Like a Rolling Stone
"We want to infuse poetry in everyday life, we want to
share our values and sensitivity through these
beautiful timeless objects…"
Artistic Approach


What makes these products unique is an artistic creation approach,
We design them without any technical preconception, only for beauty sake.
This jewelry hardware brings awareness on everyday object that goes unnoticed.
“Our objects sit somewhere between
functional and sculptural”


Useful Art


Our name MinGei, meaning “folk art”, is a Japanese movement
that highlights everyday objects.
Towel bar, towel ring, door lever, hook, pull, tieback curtain…
“Raw aspect and imperfection are part of an aesthetic imbued
with archeology. A blend of Age-old craftmanship and
contemporary form to blur temporality.”


Technique & Philosophy


About Us


We are French product designer chasing for
Enlightenment in the East as spiritual refugees.
On the path we found out so many craft and
beautiful objects that we fell in love with the
process of creating mindful pieces.
Our thirst for travel, novelty & timeless craft makes
our work deeply rooted in our life. This is our
passion, art and beauty are the most important
things to us.