Two universes in unison

  Over the years spent in Paris in the world of decoration and the specialized magazine press, Amandine acquired her knowledge of forms, past and contemporary styles and emerging trends.  If the news of decorators, architects, designers, furniture and fabric editors is a professional pillar, it is also attentive to musical, culinary, plastic, photographic, digital ... universal creation.  These two are the pair, Guillaume has the same thirst for discoveries, human, artistic, ... global.  Always curious to learn and understand how things work, to do and know how, he enjoys the workshops, as in his childhood, where he was nourished by the gestures of his carpenter grandfather.  Finding technical solutions and cultivating relationships between the tool and the hand are also sources of human encounters, essential.  Together, bound by this attraction for art, crafts and travel, they choose to settle in India, where the Mi & Gei project will be born.




 A poetic approach to know-how and everyday objects.

  Simple, everyday and beautiful, three words as a common thread in the creation of their ranges.  Three words all in sobriety but rich in meaning for Mi & Gei, strongly inspired by Japan.  Notably through the movement that gave their name, the Mingei, highlighting the value and pure aestheticism of everyday objects shaped by the craftsman.  Or by Wabi Sabi thought, uplifting the beauty of imperfect sobriety, of which the most striking example is the Kintsugi, where the faults of the objects are not hidden but on the contrary, magnified by gold.

 Infinite freedom of forms

  Thanks to the modeling of earth, vector of creation, associated with a fertile imagination, the artistic language is inexhaustible.  Research and design of parts are multiplying, and always, the emotion applies to the technical object.






Daily sensuality:

  The eye is flattered by the gold, bronze or nickel of the finishes applied to the shapes combining geometry and organic fluidity.  The metal, unvarnished, offers natural wear and oxidation, which makes these pieces even more alive and exclusive.

The hand, on the other hand, coats and appropriates each handle, button, ring or hook, the soft irregularities of which ensure a pleasant touch and give heat to the metal.

With these details, which are both functional and decorative, resembling household jewelry, bathrooms, kitchens, doors and walk-in closets become unique and precious.

 Creations without borders

  With their universal beauty and soul, Mi & Gei everyday objects are already shining internationally, particularly in the United States, Australia and Canada.  The hotel industry and specifiers - architects, decorators, layout specialists, carpenters, kitchen designers, builders, etc. - are already won over.  Individuals, lovers of exceptional details and finishes, can also order a few pieces for a high-personality embellishment of their home.