"Dyslexic Thinkers"

Amandine was stylist for Art and Interior Decor Magazines in Paris, Guillaume was healing people as an Osteopath. 

We are  dyslexic thinkers and ALL the family is made of pure ADHD. We left Paris looking for another living environment to raise our child. 

We where dreaming about designing and making objects. 

Our first stopover, India provides us with this very strong stimulation where you can be fully absorbed in the being, the environement, the flavors, the colors, the promiscuity, everything is so powerful. 

Our journey, (between family adventure in India, financial insecurity, and self-discovery facing adversity) has been feeding our creative endeavour for 7 years now. 

Travel, observation, craftmanship, get together has revealed our creative potential. Through our objects we share our experiences and sensory perceptions.

We act as catalyst, like a digestive tract we translate all our sensory stimulations into a shape, and objects. 

Running Mi&Gei is an act of freedom for us, the future of our design Studio will be Long story Short :  

“Propose young dyslexic & ADHD thinkers a platform to aquire skills and translate their potential into a life project = education + dyslexia + ADHD + creative thinking + object design + art” 

Our economic purpose is to sustain our creative endeavour that make us really ALIVE. 

The different E commerce platform we use to sell our art allow us to bring our vision forward, INDEPENDENTLY. 

"We wish you Peace and Love yourself"